Manufacture of churned butter at the Val of Mièges' butter dish cooperative

The butter at the Val de Mièges' butter dish cooperative transforms butter for over 75 years. The manufacture of churned butter goes through several specific stages: milking, pasteurization, churning. 


Collecting cream

 There is no butter without milk! The making of butter begins with the collection of the mixing cream (milk cream and serum cream) which is done in our 26 member cooperatives, all located in the area of the Comté AOP and Morbier AOP appellations. 


The cream is analyzed every day in order to guarantee irreproachable sanitary quality. 



In order to kill bacteria that can cause disease, the cream is pasteurized: a rise in high temperature to 90 ° C for 30 seconds - then cooled. The cream is matured in the traditional way in tanks between 15 and 18 ° C for 18 hours. 


During this period the flavors of butter develop, and its territorial characteristics. Pasteurized cream is picked up twice a week in all of our cooperatives.   



After cooling the cream to 11 ° C, the cream is decanted to be churned, then the butter obtained is packaged according to demand. 


Our packaging

Once the butter is made, we offer different types of butter: 

  • Table butter in 250 g with 82% fat
  • 250g cooking butter graduated every 25g with 82% fat
  • Semi-salted butter: 1.9% salt


The packaging is done either in slabs that you will find at our resellers, either in clods of 2 to 5 kilos or in cubes of 25 kilos (packaging for professionals).


Butter making

It is a precise and rigorous process which ensures quality and consistency of our products. 


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